We Are Fashion

Fashion is made up of previous inspirations, And what you make of those inspirations will create more inspirations of fashion involving something art, originality, culture, or anything in our world today.

Alexandra, aged 28

, photographer and creator of We Are Fashion, rockabilly dancer and lover of fashion and nature is interested in meeting models of Brisbane, Gold coast, Ipswich and Sunshine coast who have potential to be a fashion models. Alexandra loves fashion, nature and positively guiding her clients to where they want to be in the future. The best parts of photographing people is the memories , laughter and beauty created in order to create a master piece. The love for nature, hippy at heart, Alexandra photographs her clients in natural settings. Alexandra believes we all have opportunity and potential to get where we want to be. Although without feeling confident in yourself and with your peers the future may not be so bright, so we are fashion is here to brighten your future and express beauty that is within, out. So join us!

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