Great Emotion.

My parents Catherine and Chris blessed me with the opportunity to see with my heart and soul. To see the livings and non-livings characteristics. With the opportunity my parents blessed me with lead me to great adventures that found my creative eye. My creative eye captures all beauty in this life we live. With this blog I now have the opportunity to share captured characteristics.

In the year of 2011 Alexandra’s home town of Ipswich flooded causing so many roads to be blocked and many sites to see. Alexandra captured contemporary art that year, art that captures moments that have been occurring since the 1970s til now.

A coal train passed through just at the right time. Alexandra was capturing the height of the water level at Thomas Street train station underpass when a coal train traveled past her. With her eyes she captured the images she could see in her mind. Alexandra had always admired graffiti, the colours, the talents and the personality of the one who created it. Although Alexandra did not know the graffiti artist personally she could tell they had a creative mind full of creations.


One mile was blocked of and made into its own little Island. No one had access in or out. Whilst the rain sprinkled down the towns community stood and watched the current run wild. The water had collected trees, plants and furniture.

The roads were blocked off by the police. Another bridge near saddlers crossing had gone under swell. These floods may have seemed exciting for the young children but really it was heart breaking. So many homes and businesses suffered. When it was over the community help each clean up. 

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