Posing vs Natural

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BWNEOANDJAZSometimes posing children can be quite difficult especially when you are trying to photograph a baby and a child, and they  have no interest in paying intention. They would rather explore and play.  Well, that is what I discovered on Monday. I mean this was a wonderful way to start the week off, adventuring with my niece and nephew. Unfortunately, the oldest child out of the three was at school so he could not be apart of this shoot.

Posing Baby Neo gave me these looks, stunned and confused. He was not quite feeling it that morning. He was more interested in eating leaves and exploring with his senses, children do not like being bothered whilst exploring and you probably can tell by looking at the above images. However, when we took the children to a playground I was able to capture more natural looking images with amazing smiles.


Check out Miss Jazzy on the flying fox and the Ultra Spin equipment, laughter and smiles without being asked to smile, I just clicked away.  Look at Mr Neo down below, he was super brave on the sea-saw, you might not be able to tell but his mum was standing right next to him holding the sea-saw still so he wouldn’t fall.

This post was called pose vs natural for a reason.


Simple and Tasty

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Last night I took part in making Hawaiian Scrolls for the family. Simple and Tasty, and who doesn’t love Puff pastry. This cooking experience is also a great experience for children. You can chose either sweet or savory .

If you are looking for ways to keep occupied during these tough times or just looking for something simple to make then you should try making scrolls.

200 degrees for 15 to 20 mins

Make sure you have defrosted your Puff pastry before you try to roll it as it can break.

You can use tomato or BBQ sauce I find it’s easier to apply all over with the base of the spoon. I used leggos pizza sauce. Cheese, ham and pineapple.

Butterflies and Birds

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Hey everyone welcome back to my blog! Due to currents restrictions and rules in Australia I have not been able to travel with my fellow bloggers and friends to capture the world around us. I have decided to use my isolation time to capture images from Home.

Above images are of some of the times of butterflies we have had visit us over the past couple of days.

Meet Sunkiss (Lorikeet) and chloe (indian ringneck ) even pets can becomes the perfect models.

Visiting the Governor

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I have found going to cemeteries comforting and peaceful, sitting with the dead and admiring their tomb stone’s. It’s amazing to see the different types and to see the work and effort people have to put in to caring for loved ones. In the Toowong Cemetery Brisbane, Australia lays the second Governor of Queensland, Governor Blackall. I went to see him for the second time today and when I got home there was a message in the clouds in the image I took. A cross.

A place someone calls Home

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Urban Exploring for me has become a lot more then looking at abandoned buildings, trains and Homes. The more I explore , the more I learn not all places are abandoned and that some places are still home.  Home is a story, every house and everyone has one.


In 2011 Ipswich QLD faced flooding, and since then the local bowling Alley has been shut down. A week before I attend the bowling Alley to have a look another Urban explorer attended the site stating a door was open. The week I attended the site no door was open and rumours the site being refurnished again had come about.

I can not wait to see what the owners have in stall for this Building.