Beauty is in the Eye of the beholder – Part 1

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Skate Rink

Every building has a story, just like every art work and its unfortunate this year the building is getting demolished. I fell in love instantly, street art is amazing, being an abandoned building hunter is eye opening.

Opened in the 1959, closed in 2007 this building became abandoned and cover in local street art.


In mid 2018 the government agreed keeping the structure of the building and turning it in a multipurpose precinct.

Perspective images for the Inala skate rink site as viewed from the corner of Serviceton Avenue and Sycamore Street.
Here is the town planners design for refurbishment of his historic building.

3 thoughts on “Beauty is in the Eye of the beholder – Part 1

  1. I always wonder what walls like these would say if they could talk? Yes I’m a creative weirdo and proud of it.


    1. Hey sorry for a very late response, being a creative weird is fine, it’s called imagination. A wonderful thing. When I do to these places I wonder something similar I also wonder how much it would cost to buy ha.

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